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Are you having trouble working out your entitlements and how to go about getting Centrelink. Pensioner Solutions specialise in helping pensioners to maximise their benefits and submit any relevant claims.

Centrelink Benefit Eligibility

Are you receiving the Centrelink Benefit to which you are entitled? It is amazing how often we are asked this question.

We can help to alleviate your concerns – making sure you are receiving all of the benefits you are eligible to receive.


Submitting a Centrelink Claim

Feeling overwhelmed with Centrelink claims? The forms can be a little daunting.

Trust Pensioner Solutions to assist you with submitting your Centrelink claims, we have been completing Centrelink forms for clients for many years – and believe it or not – we love it!!!

We can help you with forms to move to aged care

From working out your aged care fees and submitting documents to keeping track of your ongoing fees. We aim to help pensioners experience a seamless transition into aged care.

Everything You Need to Get Your Entitlements Sorted


Pension Applications

We handle pension applications online through our own portal. Streamlining the process making for a more efficient and accurate submission.


Pension Maintenance

Ensuring you are always receiving the correct entitlements. We review our pensioners situation on a quarterly basis.


Aged Care Services

We work closely with aged care accredited financial planners, helping to ensure you are getting your aged care entitlements. 


Health Cards

We provide assistance with Low Income Health Card & Commonwealth Seniors Health Card applications.


Carer Allowance / Payments

We help carers to ensure they are receiving the correct entitlements.


We help pensioners maximise their entitlements across Australia. Including aged pension, carer allowance, carer payments, concession cards and aged care assistance.

Get Started with Pensioner Solutions today, we will make the whole process easy!

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